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According to the Nicol, from left to right we have Auntie Annie, Auntie Margaret, Auntie Claire, Auntie Theresa, Auntie Catherine and Auntie Mami

So these aunties were in fact Grandpere's Aunties, though I understand they may have been known as Aunties by my 8 uncles

Anne Mitchell tells me that the McGinness family came from Ireland in 1850 (was this emigration linked to the Great Famine I wonder?). Hugh McGinness (born 1851) was in the wool trade and seemed to have done quite well for himself, Brigid was from Edinburgh.

Hugh and Brigid apparently had 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls although Nicol Gorman recalls there being 13 siblings not 12. Anne Mitchell* recalls an Auntie Clara (see separately) so perhaps Auntie Clara is the 13th sibling and the missing sibling in this photo.

*Anne Mitchell is our widely acclaimed font of all knowledge. Anne deserves separate a page for herself and family! Anne Mitchell is the grandaughter of Auntie Margaret in the photo above, see separate family member listing

Auntie 'Mami or 'M.E.')  (far right)

Auntie 'Mamie' (Mary Ellen) was born in 1878 died 1959, remaining unmarried. She was quite a character and very stylish, wearing a heliotrope scarf at her throat. She moved out to South Africa around 1954/55 and Anne Mitchell remembers riding horses with her - the horsey crowd called her Miss McGinness and offered her orange juice - to which she replied "call me Mamie and I'd like a whiskey please!" which made her a great hit!


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